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To Chew or Not to Chew Gum, that is the Question

People who chew gum should be aware that the chewing process can cause tooth wear.  When you chew anything, including gum, your powerful masticatory or chewing muscles exert pressure and force, which causes the teeth to press together.  If you exert chewing forces more frequently, your tooth enamel will wear away more quickly.

That being said, there are some positive effects that can come from chewing gum.  Some types of gum, like Trident and Cadbury Adams, contain chemicals like amorphous calcium phosphate (“ACP”), which have been specifially added to help strengthen the teeth by contributing to tooth remineralization.  These gums, as well as some toothpaste brands, like Arm & Hammer Age Defying and Church & Dwight, contain both ACP and another compound called casein.  Laboratory research has shown that when the ACP and casein compounds are used together, the ACP is better able to contribute to tooth remineralization.

In addition, some gums, such as Trident White, have whitening agents that help remove stains from the tooth enamel surfaces.

If you decide to chew gum, be sure to select a sugarless gum, because sugars can encourage bacterial growth in your mouth, which in turn can cause cavity formation.

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