Oral Cancer Prevention

The Top 7 Risk Factors for Oral Cancer

Though it may not be the first cancer that we think of, we should be aware of oral cancer. Oral cancer and cancers of the throat, tonsils and back of the tongue (pharyngeal) strike approximately 40,000 a year.

You know your dentist is looking for cavities during regular check-ups, but you may not know you’re also being screened for cancer at the same time. Regular visits to your dentist can help you detect such cancers early, and changing a few potentially harmful habits may help reduce your chances of developing them.

The Top 7 Factors or Oral Cancer:


Men are twice more likely to get oral cancer.


Your risk for oral cancer greatly increases after age 44. The median age at diagnosis is age 62, but could drop to as young as 52-56 because of the rise of HPV-related cases.


Whether you smoke it or chew it, tobacco use increases your risk dramatically. Smoking can cause oral cancer, as well as cancer in other parts of the body. Pipe smokers are also at a higher risk for developing cancer in their lips. Smokeless tobacco, like chew, can lead to many issues in your mouth, the most serious being cancer of the cheeks, gums, and lips.


According to the American Cancer Society, 7 of 10 oral cancer patients are heavy drinkers.

Human Papillomavirus (HPV)

The sexually transmitted disease is now associated with some 10,000 cases of oropharyngeal cancer diagnosed each year in the United States, according to the CDC.


People who have jobs working outside are more prone to developing lip cancer and should use UV protection.


Poor nutrition also may put you at risk for developing oral cancer. A diet low in fruits and vegetables may increase your chance of developing oral cancer, so add more color to your plate!

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