Smile Gallery

Smile Gallery

Partial Denture with Crowns

Denture With Crowns

The patient had an old patial denture with cavities on his 4 remaining maxillary teeth. We placed 3 crowns and made him a new partial denture with internal clasps (precision attachments) that fit into the crowns so he would not have to show clasps.


CrownsThis patient fell while riding her bike. The traumatized teeth required root canals and then we placed crowns on 3 teeth.


VeneersThis patient was born with teeth that were too small for his jaw size, with resulting gaps between his teeth. We placed 14 veneers to close all of the spaces and to improve the color, shape, and size of his teeth.

VeneersThis patient was born with a genetic defect that did not allow her enamel to form properly. We corrected this defect with 12 veneers.

VeneersThis patient wanted to correct the coloring and crowding of her teeth. She also wanted her teeth to have a more pleasing shape. We helped her achieve an improved appearance by placing 8 veneers.

VeneersThis patient wanted to correct her poorly positioned teeth. Her teeth were assymetrically shifted toward the right side of her mouth. By placing 6 veneers, we were able to change the shape of her teeth to match her facial aesthetics.