Post Whitening Care

Post Whitening Care

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Tooth whitening at home & Post Whitening Care

Before you begin the process of whitening your teeth, it is important that you first fortify your teeth against the chemicals used in the process. We recommend that you use a high-concentration fluoride desensitization toothpaste daily for at least two weeks prior to the whitening process. This paste will strengthen teeth while decreasing tooth sensitivity to the deep chemical cleaning method. A prescription can be obtained from your dentist.

Post Whitening Care

Care & Instructions

You should continue to use the desensitization toothpaste when you brush your teeth during the whitening process. If your teeth become sensitive to cold, please wait until the sensitivity decreases before continuing the whitening treatment. You can decrease sensitivity by substituting the toothpaste in your whitening trays in place of the bleaching agent in the trays and then leaving them in place for as long as possible. Your teeth will be more susceptible to staining during the whitening process of whitening teeth are more susceptible to staining. If you smoke, do not smoke while whitening. If you have to smoke, smoke with your whitening trays covering your teeth. Try not to drink coffee, tea, or cola without using a straw. Attempt to avoid foods that would stain clothing. If you do not avoid these things your teeth will still whiten, but it will not happen as quickly as it would otherwise.

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