Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonials

My favorite dentist's office to date!
Tom is fantastic!
I have a phobia about the dentist, and my dentist makes me feel very comfortable.
Fast and easy in and out dental checkups with nice staff
I'm in my sixties, had about a half dozen unhappy dental experience until age 30.... but for over thirty years now I've been VERY happy with Dr. Pirok, Jill, and the read of Penn Dental! I actually *ENJOY* going to the dentist to catch up on their lives a bit as friends while relaxing and having my teeth worked on. Seriously. It's *extremely* rare that there's any pain sensation at all beyond an initial (and very small) pricking during the Novacaine injections, there's virtually no numbing at all beyond the immediate tooth area where the work is being done, and very little, if any, pain later in the day. HIGHLY recommended! - Michael J. McFadden
Very friendly. Answered all of my questions. Definitely left with my teeth feeling clean!
I presented for a same-day appointment for tooth pain. I was satisfied with the care that I received, however I informed the dentist that I was pregnant and he instructed me that I should be taking Ibuprofen for my inflammation. I questioned this stating that I am fairly confident that it is not safe for pregnant women to take ibuprofen. He insisted that it would be okay. I then called my OB after my appointment and was advised that it is not safe for pregnant women to take ibuprofen. I wish that he would have taken the extra few minutes to ensure that it was safe to take a medication before he recommended that I take it. Other than this, I was very satisfied with my visit.
Very clean office. Nice and friemdly staff. The dentist is also friendly and make sure he ask if you have any questions.
Always a friendly and clean environment . I love that my children and I always receive exceptional service. I will continue to refer this office to family, friends and coworkers.
This is the best office I’ve had service at. The staff make me feel comfortable, and answer my questions knowledgeably. They’re the best. :)
I had been putting off finding a new dentist after a move and new job -- always find it stressful and annoying to switch medical providers -- and felt very lucky to have found this office! Clean, pleasant, professional and everything was seamless. Definitely made me feel good about trusting you with my future dental needs!
had a very positive experience as this was my first time seeing a dentist in Philadelphia (recently moved to the city). thorough cleaning and dental exam. dentist offered suggestions to my concerns
I think the technician I had was a little rough with cleaning my teeth this time around. And not sure she was as nice as before.
Everyone was very friendly and I was happy with the experience (just a routine dental appointment). Recommended this office to my sister who has had some poor experiences with dentists in the area. Thanks!
They could not have been more Helpful. I needed to leave town and get something scheduled but they were booked. The office staff called me very frequently to let me know if there had been a cancellation to get me in as early as they could. I really appreciate it
Office staff was extremely professional, courteous, and friendly
Had an amazing first visit here. So glad I was able to get an appointment so quickly. My dentist explained everything easily and I felt better after the appointment.
I love this office I’ve been a patient for 20 years and always good experiences. I’m sad that I have to leave this office because you don’t take the PFT United Concordia prescription plan
Tiffany was a wonderful hygienist, taking the time to explain her exam maneuvers, findings, and recommendations for improved at home dental care.
I was a little nervous about keeping my appointment due to COVID. I decided to go and continue with caring for my dental hygiene. As usual the staffs warmth, my wait time and service time was above average. The added measures taken due to COVID made my anxious feelings go away. The steps taken were each person had to wash their hands upon arriving, we completed a form and was assured by staff that the pens are cleaned with medical Lysol. I waited not even two minutes, and I was in a room ready for my cleaning. The hygienist had multiple layers of PPE and that was comforting to see. In the room we had to gargle with peroxide and water. I washed my hands again and then I was ready for my cleaning. During my cleaning I laughed with the hygienist and it 100% calmed my nerves as I think for most people, the lingering thoughts of what’s going on, are constant. I love Pennsylvania Dental group!

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