Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonials

Staff was very friendly and answered my numerous questions! Clean environment! Dentist and assistant was very patient and clear on next steps.
This was my first visit and this place was amazing. I walked out of there with no pain and even when the anesthetic wore off I was fine. They were not rough the music was great and for someone like myself who is nervous this facility made me feel comfortable. Everything was explained before the procedure began and I have recommended them to my family and friends. I am happy I found a great office. I cant thank you enough I feel so much better.
Excellent service, friendly staff and I appreciated most of all: the high standard of professionalism, solid knowledge and highly interactive way of communication established by Dr. Pirok throughout the dental procedure. The dentist made me feel comfortable and secure throughout the procedure. Great ambience for a dental practice.
I just thought it was strange that it was not until I was checking out that I found out I needed a second appointment for fillings. It would have been nice if the dentist/hygienist mentioned it while I was with them.
The staff was very nice they made me feel at ease, I was not frighted, I felt very relaxed, with the Doctor and the Technician.I am now over the feel of going to the Dentist. THANKS
Tom is fantastic!
The office is clean and staff is very friendly. I have been there three times and dentist who took care of me acted like I was never there the previous times.
Dr. Bassani did a fantastic job with my 2 year old daughter. She made the exam not scary and even polished her teeth!
I cannot remember the name of my dental hygienist, but he was very helpful, kind and patient. I was a bit nervous to have my teeth cleaned due to gum sensitivity, but he made the process very easy and painless for me. Thank you!
Service was quick and friendly.
I found that the provider I saw had poor patient-provider communication skills. He would shout out numbers to the technician while he looked in my mouth and did not offer any explanation for what he saw or meant. If he made comments about my dentition, he would speak to the technician and for the most part ignore me. I did ask a question during the 2 minutes the dentist saw me and was met with a questionable look as if to say how dare I have questions about my own health. I did have more questions on my mind but he was out of the room before I could say anything and I was not given the opportunity to ask questions. The technician and the office staff were otherwise great.
My doctor was super hot ;)
I have a small mouth. It is a physical limitation. I came in for my first visit ever and the dental tech was gentle and kind, then the dentist came in and yanked so hard on my face to see my back teeth that I'm not sure I want to come back. She did it about 4 times even after I asked her to stop.
I saw a dentist who is aiming to boost her numbers, I'm guessing she is new. She was very friendly and conversational. My issue is I did not have my teeth cleaned by a dental hygenist, the dentist did it herself and I felt it was not a thorough job. I left feeling that she did not do much outside of checking for cavities. I appreciate that she looked at my teeth and did xrays, but I was there for a cleaning as well. I asked on the way out why I didn't have a dental hygenist and was told she was trying to gain clientelle and that is why she's doing the cleanings herself. I am still planning to come here but I would want a thorough cleaning in the future. The dentist was very kind and I would like to have her again the future.
I have been going here for 2.5 years and I have always had good experiences. I have recommended this office to my coworkers as it is convenient to our office.
Both the dentist and tech/assistant had the patience of saints, and that’s an understatement
The sunglasses to protect eyes were dirty- please clean between users! Also, your receptionists and hygienists are so friendly, but my interactions with my dentist have been uncomfortable. Instead of addressing me directly to give a rundown of the appointment and future options, he spoke directly to the hygienist and referred to me in the third person, "She can do XXX if she wants, it will be covered under her insurance, she won't need XXX, it won't take her long, etc". It was like I wasn't even in the room. Then he left. I understand the hygienist needing to take notes, but it's my health and you should have a conversation with me about it instead of me eavesdropping.
As always, a friendly, welcoming, enjoyable experience. :) People laugh at me when I tell them that I actually *ENJOY* going to the dentist... but it's true, and it's been that way for the last almost 40 years -- after over two decades of pain, misery, and hating dental visits.
Had an amazing first visit here. So glad I was able to get an appointment so quickly. My dentist explained everything easily and I felt better after the appointment.
I like this dental practice and will continue using their services.

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