Our Practice

Our Practice

Pennsylvania Dental Group

The Pennsylvania Dental Group has been enriching the overall health of the Philadelphia community for over 35 years.

Since its foundation in 1974, the Pennsylvania Dental Group practitioners have shared a common vision. We know that dental health is an integral part of each individual’s wellbeing. Together, we strive to help each of our patients achieve his or her optimum level of dental health. In treating each patient, we move closer to our ultimate goal: the enrichment of the overall health of our community.

The doctors at Pennsylvania Dental Group are committed to providing its patients with the highest standards of dental care. By practicing as a group, we are best able to meet each of our patients’ needs. Our ability to share resources and time allows us to treat patients in an efficient and effective manner.

The synergy of our practice also ensures our own growth as professionals and as individuals. Our dentists regularly broaden their educations by participating in seminars on recent advances in our field. By encouraging each other’s growth, we are able to provide our patients with the mutual benefits of our combined knowledge and experience as patient care providers.

Our Doctors

Dr. Ronald G. Pirok, D.D.S.

Dr. Brad Pirok, D.M.D., F.A.G.D.

Dr. Cana E. Pasierb, D.D.S.

Dr. Samantha Pirok, D.M.D.