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General Dentistry at Pennsylvania Dental Group

At Pennsylvania Dental Group, we provide quality dental care in a gentle, caring manner Regular dental visits are essential to make sure any oral health problems like tooth decay and oral cancer are detected and treated in a timely manner.

Dental Emergencies

If you are a patient with a dental emergency that requires the immediate attention of one of our doctors outside of normal business hours, please call our office at (215) 387-0883 and page our on-call dentist. Please have the telephone number of your local pharmacy available in case our doctors need to call in a prescription. If you are having a true medical emergency, go to your nearest hospital emergency room or dial 911.

Pennsylvania Dental Group

Call: (215) 387-0883
3700 Market Street, Suite 101
Philadelphia, PA 19104


Call: (215) 545-6334
1740 South Street, Suite 504
Philadelphia, PA 19146

Please call our offices directly when scheduling Appointments.
Dental Emergencies
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