First National Brush Day!

First National Brush Day!

National Brush Day

After indulging in a monstrous haul of Halloween candy, it’s important to remember to brush in order to maintain a healthy smile.

The day after Halloween is National Brush Day!  

What better time than the day after Halloween to implement the celebration of the first-ever “National Brush Day?!” This seems like a great opportunity to remind parents and kids of the importance of regular oral hygiene and the importance of brushing for two minutes, twice a day. Building good habits at an early age sets kids up for a healthier life and a smile that says, “I feel good.” Eating all of that candy is fun, but not when it leaves a mess of the infamous sugar bugs in little mouths to wreak havoc on their entire immune system.

The Ad Council is implementing a national campaign in November of this year with the Partnership for Healthy Mouths, Healthy Lives. The goal of the campaign for National Brush day is to improve the nation’s children’s oral health by supplying parents with simple information on when to start various levels of oral hygiene with their kids.

So here’s to the successful and fun celebration of oral hygiene this year on National Brush Day, November 1st, 2013. May the ghoulish grins of Halloween fail to haunt the trick-or-treat teeth of North American children yearlong.