Healthy Teeth During the Holidays

7 Dental Tips for Healthy Teeth During the Holidays

The holidays are for family, friends, and fun. However, even when you are having a good time, it is important to still keep your dental health in mind.  This way, you can start the new year with healthy teeth and gums! Consider these dental tips during this holiday season.

Make Home Dental Care a Priority

No matter how busy, tired, or excited you are, perform proper tooth brushing and flossing at least twice each day. Many people find it easiest to brush and floss in the morning and at bedtime. Be sure to get your children into this routine, too.

Care for Your Teeth After Eating

It is a good idea to brush after eating, but that is not always possible. When you cannot brush after a meal or snack, use mouthwash. When you rinse thoroughly with mouthwash, it will remove food particles and bacteria. This will lead to clean and healthy teeth and fresher breath!

Avoid Chewy Treats

Chewy products stick to the teeth and may harm tooth enamel. Gummy candies, caramel, and other chewy products also leave a residue that can lead to tooth decay. Consider choosing healthier products for holiday treats and your child’s Christmas stocking.

Avoid Hard Candy

Candy canes and other flavored hard candies are popular, especially during the holiday season.  These treats also leave a sugary residue on the teeth, and it is possible to break a tooth on hard candy. Because of these reasons, it is easier to avoid hard candies altogether.

Use A Nutcracker

Many people have developed the habit of cracking nuts with their teeth.  Perhaps you, or someone else in your family, have this habit. A simple way to avoid cracking a tooth, and needing an emergency visit to the dentist, is to always use appropriate nutcrackers. It helps that these are popular holiday decorations as well! Nuts are delicious and provide healthy protein, so they are a great choice when cracked open safely.

Avoid Teeth-Staining Beverages & Habits

Sugary treats are not the only products that can harm your teeth. You should also avoid products that can stain your teeth. If you often drink red wine, coffee, soda, or tea, your teeth will start to lose their brightness. Instead, choose fresh juice, a cool glass of water, or calcium-rich milk.

If you smoke, the holiday season is a good time to stop.  There are many health benefits to quitting, and one example is your oral health. You will have healthy teeth and gums, and a brighter smile.

Make an Appointment with Your Dentist

Healthy eating and home oral care can be a start to dental health. However, the holiday season and end of the year is a good time to visit the dentist. When you have regular professional hygiene visits, your teeth will look their best and stay in great condition. An exam will also let your dentist know if you need treatment for any underlying conditions.

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