Sugary Snacks

6 Ways to Reduce Your Child’s Sugary Snacking

Sugar is fun to eat, but not good for your teeth!

Your child might love sweet treats, but the bacteria in his or her mouth loves them even more. Limiting the amount of sugar your entire family eats is good for your teeth and key to your overall health. Here are some dentist-recommended ways to start saying good-bye to unnecessary sugar throughout the day.

1. Know the Limits

When choosing a snack, keep an eye on added sugar (sweeteners like corn syrup or white sugar that are added to prepared foods). Naturally occurring sugars are less worrisome, as they are found in healthy choices like milk and fruit.

2. The Truth About Juice

Because juice is high in sugar and calories, water and milk are always the best options for your little one.

3. Skip the Soda

One can of soda is the amount of sugar recommended for three days for a child.

4. Be Picky About Sticky Snacks

If you’ve been under the impression that gummy or sticky fruit snacks are healthy alternatives, you’re not alone. Many parents are surprised to learn they are really closer to candy than fruit, especially when it comes to sugar.

5. Serve Carbs with Care

Not only do the carbohydrates in things like crackers and chips break down into sugar, they also tend to get stuck in the tops of your teeth for long periods of time.

6. Set an Example

Eat well, brush twice a day for two minutes and floss once a day. If you want to change your child’s habits, it isn’t just about what they do. Do the same thing with them.


Read about the above suggestions in details in the full article: Mouth Healthy, by the American Dental Association

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